Meat industry products


A manifold offer of spice, mixtures of spices and meat industry additives by Progast guarantees simple production, effectiveness, stable quality, balanced flavour, prolonged best-

before date and competitiveness on the market. We develop and deliver specific products corresponding to their further use for each target group of customers.

Delivery of products is associated with consultancy and complete technological service, which responds to specific customer's requirements.


Meat Products


Chopped, pâtéd, manufactured to be heated or served cold, from several types of meat, smoked, cooked, roasted, cool-produced, dry (durable), ready-to-eat, with various packages or unpacked.

Soft Salamis, Fine and Roasted Meat Products


Sliced salamis, smoked and cooked or simply cooked "mosaic" salamis, frankfurters, sausages, meat breads - made of finely or coarsely minced meat, water, salt, condiments and other ingredients, including potential meat and non-meat ingredients.

Smoked, Cooked, Smoked & Cooked Ham


Prepared from finely chopped meat, whole pieces of meat, smoked cooked types of meat from animal parts without bones. Pre-produced with salty brine in a meat mixer or injected with salty brine and kneaded in vacuum tumblers, packed in artificial casing, cooked in molds, nets or without wrapping (casing), only hanged and cooked in special foil.

Special Meat Products


Produced for meat cuts, their manufacturing process and selection of ingredients closely resemble ham products. Made of various boneless animal parts, sometimes finely chopped meats, cooked or smoked and cooked, spiced with decorative condiments, coloured in a culler, cooked in nets, moulds or artificial casing or hanged without wrapping (casing).

Pâtés and Spreads


Cooked in natural and artificial casings, liverwurst cooked in moulds and generally produced in a meat cutter and kneaded while hot or cool.

Durable Meat Products


Durable sliced salamis and sausages, which are prepared either with or without heat (smoked and cooked), are subject to one basic criteria - stable quality even if stored at standard temperatures.

Canned Meat and Pasteurised Meat


Modern materials and technologies considerably widened the assortment: hams and cold meat cuts pasteurised in vacuum packages, preserved hams, preserved chopped meat in its own gravy and added salty brine, ready-to-eat meals, minced "lunchmeat"-like meat, spreads and pâtés, meat-based products, offal, their combinations and combined meat, offal, vegetable or sauces.

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