Gastronomic products


Progast offers various natural spices and seasoning blends, coating agents, bouillons, sauces and meat gravy, marinades, soup flavour enhancers and additives, and liquid marinades for gastronomic plants.

We deliver the above-mentioned products to a large spectrum of customers in gastronomy, catering and retail.

Natural Spices and Herbs


A complete assortment of natural spices and herbs is imported from top quality regions all over the world. Laboratory tests ensure their harmlessness to health and the required high quality of individual commodities.

Seasoning Blends and Additives


Seasoning blends are made of top quality ingredients imported from well-tried suppliers in several countries who guarantee the required gastronomic quality and functionality. They are mixed in well-tried and newly-developed formulas and variations, often according to the specific requirements of the customer. They serve as the perfect base for healthy cooking and the gourmet experience.


Liquid Marinades


Produced without chemical preservatives on the basis of spices, vegetable oil and extracts, they are stand-alone flavour enhancers. They are distinguished by low dosage and wide spectrum of usage: grilling, roasting, stewing or standard preparation in a frying pan. Marinades are supplied in many flavour and colour variations.

Powder Marinades


Ensure an efficient and reliable solution to prepare ready-to-cook grill products. Marinades contain efficient technology and flavours including salt, which provide products dipped in marinades with all qualities required for cooking, stewing, frying, etc.

Instant Bouillons


The wide array of our instant bouillons serve for simple soup preparation, seasoning or

flavouring of ready meals. We excluded glutamine from the series of bouillons supplied to school canteens.

Instant Sauces & Gravy (Oil Paste, if required)


They are distinguished by their simplicity and efficiency of preparation, and variability of application in a wide array of gastronomic facilities. Applied natural-identical ingredients endow ready meals with the home-made flavour.


Coating Products


A wide range of batters and bread crumbs varying in colour, size of grains and taste. They are suitable for coating all kinds of meat, cheese, vegetable, fruit, etc.

Flavour Enhancers and Additives


Liquid seasoning sauces endow ready meals with a balanced flavour. Technological agents save work, energy and ingredients, while the required quality of ready meals is not compromised.

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