Quality management

Progast, spol. s.r.o. set a target to deliver to its clients quality ingredients and perfect servicing

to combine companie's know-how and obtain the quality, demanded and required economic

effect of products manufactured by clients.

Ingredients Quality Control


All supplied ingredients are subject to thorough quality control, including ingredients

purchased from well-tried renowned suppliers. Modern machinery, the sanitary conditions of the production and storage, laboratory tests, usage of approved and continually tested additive production formulas at Progast spol. s.r.o. additives all comply with quality management standard IFS Food Version 7.

Production Process Quality Control


Usage of top quality ingredients purchased with a quality guarantee from first-rate producers, well-tried production formulas, perfect production control, laboratory control, production sanitary conditions, production quality management system, and modern machines are all compliant with certification according to IFS Food Version 7 which was awarded to production plant Progast, spol. s.r.o. This guarantees the top quality of supplied additives.


Technological employees, based on mutual contact with clients introduce specific new additives, supervise the use of such new types of additives by clients, develop new formulas for meat products and canned meat, as well as production processes, or solve technological tasks required by clients.

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